Sunday, November 4, 2012


Are you afraid of growing up? I am. Will i be a successful person, will i be able to make my parents happy and proud of me, will i have a happy family of my own, will i ever be a good mom? This kind of questions just revolve around my brain so actively. Maybe right now I'm in my quarter-life crisis.

Just like Steve Jobs once said, life is like connecting the dots. This is my favorite quote because i really can relate it to my life. I don't regret every steps I've taken in life. Turns out they always mean something. Every experience we once had, is the best teacher in life.

But, there comes a time when you're standing in two boats at one time. Can you imagine how shaky it will be? In order stabilize yourself, you need to let go 1 boat and fully step into the other boat. By doing so, you could have full control of it, and maybe sail through the ocean around the world with it. The only question is, which boat will it be?


Zara peterpan collared top and belt / COTTONCANDY cherry shorts and faux fur outer / Steve Madden wooden heels / bowler hat from singapore / XSML pink bangle / forever21 leopard bangles / abstract bangle from Hongkok / Chanel classic flap bag



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Shes Dressing Up said...

Perfect outfit! Sometimes I feel like I'm having a quarter-life crisis too!

Lucie Srbová said...

Those shorts and jacket are simply fab! Following you on GFC!


Cynthia Bk said...

you look great!

Sakuranko said...

Really beautiful outfit! i really like it your shorts and your hat!


Calita Hin said...

me love ur shorts! following u too now :)

putri soe said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, Febrina!

That quote is also one of my favourite quote from the "control freak" tech guy (let's admit it, he is. But he makes damn good revolutionary gadgets). The quote is really relevant with him when you looked up his real journey before establishing the company.

Anyway, i superlove this look! And the shorts--juicy!!

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...

perfect outfit, love your short anyway :)

Bellamoreway said...

super love the bowler hat! <3

Brenda evans said...

i love the top and outwear! <3 and that shorts is refreshing! :D


Well... said...

Oh man, you think like me...I tend to overthink about the future. I want to have a full and satisfying life. I just don't know how I'll get there. Ah well, it all takes time.
Anyway, love those fun, refreshingly print shorts! So cute, and your hat matches perfectly :D

Trendy Teal

Monica said...

love your outer! it looks comfy <3

sleepandwater said...

This is such a cute outfit! Love the printed shorts and your red bowler hat :) I definitely feel like I am delaying growing up - I'm definitely an adult in terms of age but probably not mentality :p

Eva Silviana said...

So glad that you decided to come back in blogging world! Just known it actually :p
Nice outfit anyways!

crunchy cheese me

Julian Tanoto said...

love this outfit ! <3

Journal J

Putri Valentina said...

Hi dear i already following u too :D
Thanks dear :D

Mira said...

Super cute look. Love the shorts <3


devil-wears-gabbana said...

Love this outfit so much! GORGEOUS!
Following you,hope you can check out my blog,xo

Joseph Dang said...

Growing up is so scary :( I wanna stay a teenager forever

Kathy Noto said...

I totally feel you. There are moments when I also question myself if I'm on the right track. But you are right when you said you have to choose which boat you will be in and once you are there, never look back and never have regrets. You look so cute, by the way. I love your shorts! Very D&G! :)


Shopaholic said...

love your bag!
amazing style <3


I just love those shorts :)

AIMEROSE said...

You look so good!!!
I like your blog!
Check out mine sometime if you want <3

Natalie BFR said...

ohh! Great look! I love your jacket. bag and red hat!!!


Brooklyn Grace said...

I love this look specially your skirt!!!

Cynthia Adiesti Alivia said...

You look gorgeous! In love with your short :D

caise said...

you look great! I adore your shoes! said...

you look stunning!

Claireta Teressa said...


Alita Claudia said...

Cute cherry shortssss! very pretty :)

Marie Zamboli said...

hi thank you I follow you back right now!!! :)

By the way I LOVE YOUR BAG Chanel where did you got it?
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Kalyana.D said...

hey, nice to see you back!
love your heels and... everything. are just pretty :)

La Petite Chateau

Anonymous said...

Love the shorts! So unique. Great!

Milex said...

you are a star! I am amazed by you.


omg! love the short a lot


Natalie BFR said...

Great look!! I love the shorts and the bag or course!!


Nora Aradi said...

Love your shorts!

Sharon said...

Cute shorts!


Buttons Apart said...

Love your outfit! so chic!

Sita xx

Amely Rose said...

love your hat and your shorts are so eyecatchy

want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

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Adeayu said...

yes I'm afraid and I think everyone do.
but we have to face it right?

love your top!

visit my little cream button♥

Jessica said...

Yup, sometimes it's hard to keep guessing what the future will bring but I think we just have to put our best foot forward and enjoy the ride of life!

I love your style! Will definitely follow you on GFC!

Armed With Style

Paulina Mo said...

love love love those shorts!

Thank you for the sweet comment, of course I would love it if we followed each other! let me know and I'll follow back :)


eka theresia said...

You look so beautiful<3 thank you for follow my blog;) I followed you already n_n

Eka Theresia♥

Allison said...

Your shorts are so cute!
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Anti said...

nice look, love the top and the short, you make a great combination ^^

don't be afraid for the future will be dear, just enjoy every second of it ...

have a great day ^^

Alviana Kalin said...

heyyy keceee banget sih bu wkwkw. g next yr udh graduate. lu msh brp lm lg bu dokter?? hehe Iyaa udh panjang bgt, lu ratain sih soalnya, jd keliatan lbh panjang gt kali yah? said...

thank you. you are so nice. <3

Mr Lonely said...

visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Arisa Mameda said...

Love your shorts! xD
Why don't we follow each other? :D

Sharmili said...

totally have the same fears as you!! just gotta take it one step at a time. love your shorts :)
xx mili

Prity said...

you totally rocked the cherry short ans red hat ;)


Surbhi Suri said...

agree with what u said !loved ur skirt so much !Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

The Scent of Glamour said...

I like your sense of style!
Wonderful outfit!
Do you want to follow each other?
If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!

daggistr said...

OMG You look Fab ! and Your shorts are just amazing <3 ! ...would You like to follow each other ? just let me know :)

daggistr said...

Thank You Dear just followed back but as I don't see You among my followers please unfollow me and follow again - usually it helps :)

have a nice day !

Petticoat Playground said...

Love you hat and how it fits on you! :D

Les Deux Rombos said...

Amazing outfit. We love it!

Following you from Spain.

daggistr said...

Yes now I see You :) Thank You Dear :)

stevia indrawan said...

I love the clashing prints!
the shorts are amazing!

and yes, it is natural for us human to worry and to have fear but never let them get in the way of reaching your dream, Febrina :)

The Sweetest Escape 

Linde Lou said...

Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

Would You like to follow each other? :)

Jodie said...

Thanks for the lvely comment- you look fantastic. Love the cute hat and shorts.
The hardest part if growing up is choosing between the first if the two boats

Angela Magnotti Andrews said...

Wow! You have such a way not only with style, but with capturing the looks with photographs. I can see all your, serious, edgy, quirky...and all in that beautiful outfit! I'm nearly 40 and still feel I'm in that quarter-life crisis...I completely understand what you mean about choosing a boat, and that's what I'm trying to do now. It's time to let one go...but it's soooo scary!

mademoiselle mode said...

I really love your short ^^

Kisses ♥

Aleksandra said...

Love your shorts !

kcomekarolina said...

this is so fab!

xoxo from rome

Carmen Ri said...

Your shorts are just the cutest!

Carmen Ri.

MyCrushCouture said...

I love your style! Love the printed shorts :-).

Novarinna Tan said...

Love totally this outfit..Amazing <333

Chyrel Gomez said...

You look so adorable! I love your shorts and bowler hat! Also, I feel the same way. I keep asking myself where I'm going.But I don't want to be too hard on myself. I want to live and enjoy the moment rather than planning things out.

bonnie_blog said...

Soo lovely shorts, dear! Awesome look!


Meg said...

Loving your blog! Thanks for visiting mine :-) Those shorts are SO cute! Xo