Monday, February 25, 2013


Women obsess about smooth and healthy skin from time to time. I do too obviously, but I’m not the type of woman who spends time taking care of her skin. I’m just too ignorant or lazy maybe. On my defence, I spend most of my time working, managing Cottoncandy even on weekends. To spend some time to spoil and beautify my skin is a luxury I can’t afford right now. Blame it on my crazy schedule. The stress, lacks of sleep and being overexposed to the sun really affects my skin’s moisture. I feel it getting drier and drier everyday. The only help I could get is by choosing the perfect body wash which contains enough moisturizer to maintain my skin stays healthy.

The key to healthy skin starts from taking a decent bath, removing all the dirts sticking to your skin. But sadly, carelessly choosing body wash products can lead to destroyed natural skin moisture. Each great products should contain enough amount of moisturizer and surfactant, which are important soft cleansing agents. Moisturizer contents which are not compatible with skin’s natural lipid could be washed away and not being absorbed. So the whole point of taking a bath is such a waste. Leaving your skin unhealthy, dry, and surely not appealing. 

The daily use of regular bath soap could destroy the Stratum Corneum of your skin, which could  cause the loss of essential layer of the skin, reduces skin moisture, reflecting dry and irritated appereance to the skin. 

But no worries, here comes the savior! DOVE just released some new variants to their amazing body wash, BETTER THAN MILK, consisting of Deeply Nourishing, Revive with Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Scent, and last but not least, Fresh Touch with Cucumber and Green Tea Scent.
All of those new tempting products are enriched by Natrium Moisture, a unique technology which mixed up moisturizer and nutrition agents all into one. Nourishes, hydrates and refreshes you skin in a long term!


Formulated with DEFI (Directly Esterified Fatty Isothionate), soft complex surfactant, specially made to protect natural skin’s lipid and protein, which build the Stratum Corneum of skin. Also enriched with Streatic Acid, DOVE BETTER THAN MILK replaces the loss of skin’s natural lipid when taking a bath. 


I have personally been using these new variants for a while now. My boyfriend said I smell good all day and my skin gets healthier everyday! Not to mention the silky sensation whenever I’m taking a bath, ensuring myself I’ve taken an amazing decent bath everyday. Who is the most beautiful person I know? They’re women who take care of their skin. Because with healthy skin, they feel prettier and reflect happiness, making them look even more pretty!

IMG_9313 copy

One more interesting news from DOVE! They invite you to share your “Skinspirational Story” with DOVE BETTER THAN MILK. Give out your testimony and win the prizes! The prizes are 1 new Ipad 3, 1 Samsung Galaxy Note, and 100 pretty prizes from Dove Body Wash. Click here to submit your own Skinspirational Story and more info!


Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hello my dear readers, I'm currently sitting at a cafe alone for a meeting, but too bad he's running late. Fortunately, I have my laptop here with me. Why not making a post while I got the time, so I thought. Talking about being late, I think it has become so much of a culture now a days. People got late everyday on every occasion, even on important meeting. Maybe that's why the quotation of "fashionably late" is existed. I'm not used to being late though, I prefer being on time or before time because I don't like to feel the hurry and panic. Sometimes I got late too of course, I will not lie about that, but afterward I would feel guilty or something like that. The scary thing is a lot of people now don't even feel a thing if they're late. I find it really disappointing because in my opinion, being late affects your credibility and surely you would waste other people's valuable time by doing so :(

zara top / COTTONCANDY skirt / local store belt / Daphne boots / socks and mini cambridge satchel bought in Taiwan


Monday, February 18, 2013


Dear readers, i need you to do me a little favor. Please vote for my photo titled BE LIKE COCO by clicking this link here, scroll over until you see my photo and just simply click on the heart icon. I appreciate every votes and thankyou so much for helping me!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Long dress, in my opinion, is one of the most exquisite types of outfit had ever invented. I just simply adore the elegance it offers, especially the flowy one. offers you hundreds of beautiful dresses in any color possible! Each dress is customized to fit you perfectly. This particular white dress I'm wearing is one of my favorite from their collection. It is made from white soft chiffon, draped so beautifully complimenting my figure. Not to mention the flower embellishments on shoulder detail! This is why i picked this dress immediately after i first saw it, not only because of the clean and simple cutting, but those flowers blooming kinda make me feel like a spring goddess :)

Here is the link to this gorgeous dress, click here.


Thursday, February 14, 2013


It’s been two years since we first dated on valentine 2011, and you never stop being a super boyfriend ever since.  

I remember early in university orientation days, I saw you in front of the class playing drama with your orientation group. I remember thinking to myself, he seems nice and really tall. I tend to like tall guys way more than the regular one. So there you were, catching my attention with your long legs. But life works the other way around, it took me one and a half year to like you. We’ve been through a lot as friends before, until that turning point came when I finally saw you differently. We don’t even have a clue why we could end up being together and we often laugh at the fact that we’re together now. How could we end up together? It never ever crossed my mind that we could be an item. I just never realized that you're everything that I've ever wanted. How could you do that super boyfriend material so casually? Man, you're good :)

 I love the way you smell even when you're sweating, you still smell so good. Probably because of that 40 minutes bath you take everyday. i believe you have obsessive compulsive disorder for that, lol. I love watching you sleep. You always make that grunting lips which making you look so cute. I love the way you always have faith in me, in my business and in life, even when everybody else underestimates my choices. I love the way you crack me up by silly things you do spontaneously. sometimes when I'm driving alone and feeling bored, that silly things you did flash up in my mind, making my lips curve up a big smile like I'm an idiot. I love it when you're mad at me, although I am honestly scared, but it proves you can't be dominated by me. You see, I've always been the dominating part in my previous relationships and I've learned that I couldn't be with someone who's more inferior or weak, I would boss him around and dominate the whole relationship. And it's not good. So I finally found someone who stands equally, even superior sometimes. I love the fact that you're very far from possessive, you've been giving me freedom to do whatever I want to do, whatever I want to wear. Possessive boyfriends are the worst, well at least for me. I love the way you treat me more like a bestfriend instead of girlfriend. This is my definition of a perfect relationship, to be more like friends so you could fully open up and being able to talk about anything including your darkest secrets, just like when you're with your bestfriend. Thank you for making my perfect relationship come true. 

For me, you’re not just a boyfriend. You are my bestfriend, the one that really close and knows me inside out. You are my family, the one that takes care of me and teaches me to be a better person. You are my teacher, the one that always gives me a way out of my troubles. You are medication for my sorrow, I just don’t know how you cheer me up everytime I’m having a mental breakdown. You are my partner in crime. You are my personal brand of heroin.

You know just right that no words could ever describe my feelings for you. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life. I think I’ve found my Mr.Right. I’m only twenty two and I think I’m ready to settle down for you, although our path is still really far away to get there. Whatever sticks and stones life throws at us, I believe we can survive it all.

I’m no good at expresing my feeling, I never did. I bet you already know all of this because we’ve discussed it a million times already. But in this very special day, I would like to write something dedicated to you. Thank you for making my last 2 years so magical and hopefully the rest of my life too :)