Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hello people, I'm still alive and my blog is not dead too, lol. There's no major change in my life except I'm trying to live healthier with healthy food and exercise. I've been taking up yoga and pilates classes this last 2 months, I feel stronger and I can see my body tightens and getting leaner everyday. For you who haven't tried it out yet, you should give it a try sometimes. It's fun and nothing like the usual boring cardio :) I'm personally not a fan of exercise, but the first time I tried joining up the classes, I fell in love with it instantly.

Since this is a fashion blog, I'm kinda obligated to do an outfit post, I suppose. So these are some unpublished photos of my almost-last-day in Taiwan last winter. It's the end of summer already and I just got the chance to post the photos here. Call it a super late post!
Everything I wore are from Taiwan except for the jeans, they're from Pull and Bear.


For those who are following my instagram account must know that I cut my hair short. At first I just felt so bored with long hair, I had been a long haired girl for about 2 years and until 3 weeks ago I decided, "that's it! This hair is way too long and I need to make a change". I cut it myself just above the chest at first, and I'd been asking myself if I was brave enough to cut it shorter. I finally got the courage to make an appointment with my hairstylist and told him to chop it off. And voila, I love my new fresh haircut! Every people I met said I look better with short hair, including my bf too. Now, who says boys think long hair is prettier? :)

Long hair :
Medium hair :

Short hair :

Which one's better?

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I dyed my hair back to red last Friday. As much as I really love this color, I just think maybe enough of red, next time I'll dye it dark, something like mahogany or brunette. Not that I'm bored, I will never get bored of this color, but as I'm getting older apparently toning down a bit is appropriate. As for this moment, I do sometimes think I look a bit like a mermaid, like Ariel to be precise, lol.

Lately, I got a lot of questions regarding my hair, what products do i use to keep it healthy and smooth, do i get special treatments, etc. Honestly, I'm quite lazy when it comes to beauty stuffs, so no special treatments, serum, or whatsoever for my hair. I wash my hair everyday with Mustika Ratu Hibiscus Leaf Shampoo for my oily scalp, then Dove Intense Care Conditioner to make it smooth and easy to comb. As I blow dry my hair everyday, I use Renee Furterer anti frizz cream before heating up my hair. And one more thing, everytime my hair go through some unnatural chemical process such as coloring, I always use Kerastase vitamin serum before and after the coloring process. My colorist said it helps to protect and shield hair's cuticle.

Enough of blabbering about my hair, yesterday held a blogger gathering at Hongkong Cafe Central Park Mall, and this is what I wore to the occation. Too lazy to bring my bulky camera down with me, so no blog-worthy-photos of the gathering from me :(

Mango jeans biker jacket / Zara long tee and belt / Boots I bought in Taiwan / Balenciaga bag


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


5 simple things I love.

First off, i love stretching my body and clicking my bones whenever I feel tired and sore. I don't know how simple things like that would seemingly take half of the exhaustion away. The last time I checked, most people agree too, do you?

I love it so much when people enjoy my cooking, more over when they grab another round because one is just not enough. I love cooking, but watching the satisfaction of my beloved ones while tasting my meal really worth the time and exhaustion of slamming myself in the kitchen.

I enjoy my coffee to be black without milk nor sugar. I love those with low acidity and a scent of clove in it. I'm no expert at this coffee topic, but all i know is after you can deal with its bitterness, it actually could amazed you by all the unexpected taste it offers.

I love sniffing my little sister's cheeks. Yes, not kissing but sniffing. There is this mild scent of hers that never got away since she was a little baby.

I love waking up to a growling stomach in the morning so I could storm out and have my big delightful breakfast. Because it tastes even better when you're starving, right? I just love the idea of starting the day with proper and satisfactory meal.

There they are, my 5 simple favorite things. What's yours? :)

Picnic dress / Zara belt / boots and socks I bought in Taiwan / Louis Vuitton brea bag