Sunday, April 26, 2009

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ain't no such thing as too much

i spent this whole afternoon making this 3 statement necklaces. you have no idea how awful my room looks like now, haha. wait until my mom see this mess, i'm sure she would take a deep breath at once.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i wanna rob the bank and buy all this pretty babies

take a BOW

yipeee, UAN is finally over and now i am craving for a minute to have fun. i went to some distros today. i didn't find any interesting piece to be bought, i just think their stuffs is great, but not really my style. this is what i wore today.

loose tee - Thalia / short - Zara / beanie hat - Bandung / vintage bag - hand me down /
shoes - onlineshop / socks - Taiwan / DIY statement necklace / random bangless
okay, i didn't actually wore the beanie hat, and i'm glad i made the right choise. it was soooo hot this afternoon, the sun was like only about 1 metre above us. i can't imagine what would my hair looks like if i did wear it. i wore a girly hairband instead. too bad i didn't take any pic of me wearing the hairband.
at last, i entered Endorse (frankly, with no interest), and boom!! my jaw just dropped when i saw this pretty hairband. i bought it right away. it looks really nice.

not to forget, i also bought some colorful rope for my next statement necklace project. still waiting for some inspirations here. any idea? ^^

Saturday, April 18, 2009

style is not just about what you wear

where : Grand Indonesia
dinner @ cristal jade palace
i wanted to look mature yet lady like, so i picked this outfit, hehe. this is really not my usual style, too classic.
oh by the way, i've been improving my make up skill lately, and makeup really works for me. thanks to shu eumura and video tutorial at youtube, haha. my little tiny eyes finaly could look gorgeous, yey!!
top - forever21 / jeans - unbranded / shoes - Taiwan's /
bag - charles n keith / random bangles

i trimmed my bang, and i'm loving it!!