Saturday, April 25, 2009

take a BOW

yipeee, UAN is finally over and now i am craving for a minute to have fun. i went to some distros today. i didn't find any interesting piece to be bought, i just think their stuffs is great, but not really my style. this is what i wore today.

loose tee - Thalia / short - Zara / beanie hat - Bandung / vintage bag - hand me down /
shoes - onlineshop / socks - Taiwan / DIY statement necklace / random bangless
okay, i didn't actually wore the beanie hat, and i'm glad i made the right choise. it was soooo hot this afternoon, the sun was like only about 1 metre above us. i can't imagine what would my hair looks like if i did wear it. i wore a girly hairband instead. too bad i didn't take any pic of me wearing the hairband.
at last, i entered Endorse (frankly, with no interest), and boom!! my jaw just dropped when i saw this pretty hairband. i bought it right away. it looks really nice.

not to forget, i also bought some colorful rope for my next statement necklace project. still waiting for some inspirations here. any idea? ^^

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