Friday, April 10, 2009

i ate too much today

top - fo / skirt - mango / shirt - fo / gladi - custommade / bag - metro /
DIY necklace n bangles / hairband - mom's vintage

i forgot to tell you, i ordered this gladi which happen to be similar with diana's about a month ago. last week it finally arrived! yey! it's a killer shoes, i feel like i have to wear it right away. but just one small thing though, it does hurt, haha. what could you expect from a $20 shoes after all.

my bestie , Anindya Pradipta today is celebrating her birthday!! happy birthday, babe!!!


t a l i s h a said...

waa bgus kok itu pke headband.. hehe kuenya dapur coklad iah? :p

ellevictoire said...

those shoes are killers. so jealous! I've been wanting a pair like that for ages

Lydia Florencia said...

i like your gladiator.. where do you buy?

febrina utami putri said...

i bought it at an online shop. check it out here

i do agree they're killer shoes, haha.