Wednesday, April 10, 2013


5 simple things I love.

First off, i love stretching my body and clicking my bones whenever I feel tired and sore. I don't know how simple things like that would seemingly take half of the exhaustion away. The last time I checked, most people agree too, do you?

I love it so much when people enjoy my cooking, more over when they grab another round because one is just not enough. I love cooking, but watching the satisfaction of my beloved ones while tasting my meal really worth the time and exhaustion of slamming myself in the kitchen.

I enjoy my coffee to be black without milk nor sugar. I love those with low acidity and a scent of clove in it. I'm no expert at this coffee topic, but all i know is after you can deal with its bitterness, it actually could amazed you by all the unexpected taste it offers.

I love sniffing my little sister's cheeks. Yes, not kissing but sniffing. There is this mild scent of hers that never got away since she was a little baby.

I love waking up to a growling stomach in the morning so I could storm out and have my big delightful breakfast. Because it tastes even better when you're starving, right? I just love the idea of starting the day with proper and satisfactory meal.

There they are, my 5 simple favorite things. What's yours? :)

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