Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 things you wouldn't know about me

1. i really bad with telephone numbers, names, and birthday date (even i couldn't remember my bestie birthday, is it 3rd of june or july, i'm not sure). i could say my long term memory score is low.

2. i was onece a bulimic. is this fact shocking? i was really concern about my weight and if i gained a little i would go crazy. at some point, i know i've gone too far, this obsession of being skinny had take over my life. i ate healthy food without even enjoying it, inside of me, i am sick. i suddenly realise i wouldn't ever have the model-like figure i dreamed of because i have big bones and a body like boys, no curve and board shoulders. there's no need to envy other people's posture, all you have to do is just be confident and find yourself a perfect style to match your body shape. i have found mine, have you?

3. i gained 7 kilos last year. does that sound scary? i do feel uncomfortable at first, but as long as i could fit into my outfits, si it's okay to eat whatever i want. so far i haven't find that extra 7 kilos really disturbing (it disturbs me sometime, who wouldn't, but i could still be friends with my fuller body). but some highwaisted skirts do make me a bit hard to breathe.

4. i'm afraid of diets. when i was in junior highschool, i had this extreme diet and it caused me almost fainted while i was running on the treadmil. i did drop 1 size but later on i gained 10 kilos!! that was shy i became a bulimic. because i couldn't stop eating but i didn't want to get fat. that extreme diet i had done, causes my appetite exploded like you'll never believe. that was one time i ate 1 large pan pizza, 1 portion of garlic bread, and a bowl of mushroom cream soup all by myself. it was disgusting. but as the time goes by, i could accept the fact that i was a fatty. maybe after that kind of acceptance, my body felt welcome and loved, so that scari 10 kilos i gainded just dropped out of nowhere. i didn't even start a diet or watch my meal. it just dropped as soon as i felt happy with my figure. but i gained 7 kilos last year, i knowww, hahaha. the truth is, i don't even care. i don't know why but people say i just get a litter bigger, and they wouldn't believe if i said i've gained 7 kilos. thank God then!

5. i'm afraid of wet paper, esp wet newspaper. they are disgusting being all mushy and scrambled. ewww. i hate it when i have to walk into the rain after classes, it's simply because my textbooks get wet. and later when i'm going too study, i can't concentrate!! my focus is not to the lesson i should read, but to the curly, dimpy, crumby after-wet-papers. ewww. i know i'm weird, lol.

6. i'm soon-to-be a doctor. who says being into science makes you a nerd? my 10 years ahead plan is to become a succesful cosmetic surgeon. if you would fancy some implans or nosejob, just come to me then. i would've known how to!! lol


Putri Estiani said...

can i be honest with you? i think your body is gorgeous, regardless of your big bones etc. a great fashion sense like yours will always make the curviest girl looks better than the skinny ones.

oh and.. i thought i was the only one to think that wet tissues & newspapers are gross, but no! haha glad to know

piping said...

halo pebri sayang! apakah kamu dulu seorang bulimia? oh yes, saya dulu juga begitu waktu smp, i adore u girls! u're brave and honest! great! muachhhh

Owen said...

you're now very pretty though :)

A N A S T A S Y A said...

febriii you have a great figure actually so yes be confident and worry not!

btw wet newspaper is disgusting, indeed, but as a phobia? hahahaa well everybody has their own weird phobia, as for me horor & thriller movie genre are my things hahaha

buw this is a great brave post. adore this.



betz said...

i can totally relate with your first one. it's a shame sometimes i forgot things making the person feel unimportant. boohoo!


febrina utami putri said...

putri : really? you've never met me in person, then you are probably not gonna say that hahahah. but sometimes i do want to wear any sweet dress or bodycon, but they just don't match my body type. i look like a giant baboon in those hahahahah. yes yes they are very gross, yuck!

piping : serius luuu, lu kurus begitu cuii. gw dulu ga segini, makanya stress jg gw pas jd gendut, makanya jd bulimia dehh. gila yah klo dipikir2 skrg org2 udah ga wajar mau kurus smpe kek gt

owen : really? gee thanks!

tasya : you are the one with the beautiful figure! i am definetely not!! i hate horror and thriller movie too, i just always think why would you have to pay for being scared to death, hahaha

betz : yes i totally understand!!

t a l i s h a said...

hahahaha the wet-paper phobia.. at least it's better than sum1 who's afraid of buttons! hehehe :)

monica said...

wuih...masa sempet naik 7 kiloo?? ga keliatan gemuk...serius deh! hehehe pake baju apa aja masih ok kog :D
brarti dulu kamu brapa kilo kalo segini aja udah gemukan :D

FIAN said...

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michelle_ said...

bahhahah . interesting facts feb ! and gw jg agree.. once u start accepting the flaws in ur body you'll actually dont care too much about it :D
gw jg dl sempet diet gila2..trus skali makanan enak + gendutin.. pst makan nya lebay ! just like u with d pizza thing.. i did something like quite alot of weekends.. haha.

glad to know that someone has gone through a similar phase like I did :D

i love that you admitt that you ahve been bulimic . not everyone is brave enough to do so !

febrina utami putri said...

talisha : yeshhhh untung dy ga bakalan baca ini post sha hahaha

monica : itu efek foto aja x, di foto dgn pose yg tepat kan bisa nyembunyiin bagian gendut hahaha. anyway thanks yahh you make me smile reading your comment!

michelle : chel klo lu diet2 gt sih gw jejelin makanan loh udah kurus gituuu. too skinny is not sexy anyway, so why bother being skeleton like? every figure has their own flaws. just like they say, nobody's perfect. there would always be something wrong about yourself if you don't start loving your figure, right? i'm so relieved i'm now very mentally healthy and i've passed those horibble moments of my life. fiuhhh

Putri Estiani said...

no really. i was once a self-body-hater, because i thought my butt & leg is really fat, and i have the same dilemma: i can't wear bodycons or super minis! i really hated the situation at first, but now it doesn't really matter as long as i can still look good in many other great stuffs :)

febrina utami putri said...

yes so true!!! oh oh i feel glad to know i'm not alone. us girls really should start loving our body!

monica said...

hahaha makasi juga...gw juga terhibur baca2 blog kamu :p
masih ga percayaaaa segitu gemukannn hahaha dari awal postingan sampe sekarang kayaknya badan sgitu2 aja deh...hmmm jadi penasaran sama aslinya :D

febrina utami putri said...

aslinya mungkin maybe shocking i don't know. hahah gw sih ga pake effect apa2 klo bwt foto, gw ga sedesperate itu sampe pake effect buat ngurusin ato pake lensa fish eye biar kurusan hahah. tp emank with the right pose you'll look thin hahhaha. masa sihh keliatan tau bedanya, terutama paha. sampe sempit legging gw hahahah. pipinya jg prasaan tembeman hahaha. tp klo ga keliatan berati prasaan gw doank yeayyy hahahaha