Monday, July 20, 2009

6 things that make me happy

Rachel Inez Fransisca myopiasco from tagged me this quick info "6 things that make me happy". so here it goes :

1. eat a lot without gaining even a pound. i really love to eat, and i love to cook too but i've been too lazy for slaving myself cooking in the kitchen. Lol.

2. shopping without worrying i would go bankrupt in instant. since i was in junior highschool, there's when i start to love fashion, i have to buy all that fashion stuffs with my own money. that's why i love online shopping, because they are cheaper, hihihi.

3. hang out with my friends all day long. it really doesn't matter if my stomach ache for laughing too much, because that's what we do when we all gather up. i love love lovee my friends.

4. seeing you guys leave me many comments for my blog post. i know it may sound weird but i love reading what people think about my photos, hhihihi.

5. when i captured a lot of interesting photos with my baby canon. i love photography, i know i'm just a beginner and amateur, but i'm working on it xD

6. lastly, i always feel good after watching good movies. especially the romantic one. i love old movies, my favorite movies for all time are Pretty Woman and A Walk to Remember.

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INBERT StreetStyle said...

Say... email ku udh nyampe belum??? wah klo ada flat yg kaya kmu lg udh aku langsung beli deh hehehe.....