Friday, May 22, 2009

the magic box

With makeup, anything is possible. Including, errr no, ESPECIALLY in making eyes like mine look bigger and bolder.
the magic spells is in this box, haha

In these photos below, I only use liquid & solid black eyeliner and dark purple eye shadow. It can be done under 5 minutes and tadaaaaa, such maxi eyes in mini effort.

I edited the 1st and 2nd photos.


DSCN2993 (2).jpged.jpga
the actual background is my old and ugly bathroom, eww. Now you know why I edited the backgound, haha




lolichocopop said...

i like ur curly hair ..
and for the background .
ahaha ~
its not big deal if d background is bathroom .

febrina utami putri said...
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febrina utami putri said...

i do think i look good in curly hair too. but i have this straight hair which won't cooperate. it will be all back to straight in about 1 hour. hahah it's just so not match with the makeup and my expresion, hihi