Saturday, May 2, 2009

if only

what : yearbook photoshoot XIIsos1
when : 2 mei 2009
where : pantai mutiara
theme : cruise, elegant white

it was extremely fun, but also i got this headache and my waist hurts, but it felt like all the sore suddenly disappear when i saw this photos of today at facebook. we got a lot of nice photos. good angles, the wind blew mildly, PLUS the smell of ocean, they were masterpieces.


fhen said...

seems like you have really great photoshoot! nice yearbook theme :)
loving your blog too


mich said...

seriously its cool! theme nya ok
banget loh.yaya, msa yg pas smukie cup nge band. lo lanjut univ mana ni? nice to see ur blog dear :)

selly octavia said...

hi! salam kenal.... i've tagged you some questions.. would you mind visit

febrina utami putri said...

fhen : thx so much darl. i did have some fun on the photoshoot;)

mich : haha ths bgt yh, ini theme plg bgs emank. plg unik dn beda. ke kedokteran atmajaya. lu kls 9 kn? highschool lanjut mana?

mich said...

kedokteran?wow.anak ipa dong pastinya :) haha.smak1 yang amat teramat challenging! hs masi di msa kok, its my first year so i will not move lah :)

Risyaa♥ said...

cute blog, cute fashion ♥

ONiC said...

nice yearbook theme, mine was forest. anyway, i love love love your necklace

Anonymous said...

wow asik sekali ya...pengen balik masa SMA