Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yey!! I’m finally reading this month’s GoGirl Magazine

Hoahh, this was the longest, the busiest, the best Saturday night to remember, I could tell. As usual, Saturday morning ritual: BTA at school. After school, I went out with Jessinca and Anindya for lunch at Relish Café and Lounge.
isn't this brownie cuteee?? haha

I was supposedly go for so-called-date with a ‘friend’, LOL. But too bad the plan had to be canceled, huhu. Lucky me, my bestie, Jennifer, called me and soon enough we were already on the way to Senayan City. We didn’t buy anything, but we did rock the Zara fitting room, hihi. I’m in love with this leather jacket from TRF. It suits me so well, I look so slim in it!! Arrgghh, too bad I’ve already spent a lot of money for shopping online, I know I know, I really hate my spending-money-without-even-thinking habit. But I’m not an impulsive buyer, oh no no, I hope I’ll never be. I think I shoulda start to save some money not spend it all.

This is the drop-dead-gorgeous leather jacket.

The OSIS farewell finally took place not in Puncak, but we were just BBQ-ing at Winston’s place. It was so much fun!! the food was really goooood, I ate like crazy, my stomach felt like it’s going to explode, haha. I loveee eating, I’m not like the other usual girl who afraid gaining weight. I simply love my life and in my opinion, one of the most wonderful things this world could offer is food.

I didn’t know there are a lot of my eating-like-crazy candid photos until a few seconds ago, haha. Here are some of them. I picked the most normal ones, haha.

The ex-OSIShead wrote each of us a letter. I copied some parts of the letter that I like. O mi gosh, I’m flattered.


“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do” ( Bob Dylan). I just think this quote really represent you. For 2 years working OSIS out together, this is what I’ve always noticed about you. You do everything you want to do which is not a bad thing……

…..i adore your creativity. It seems to be a special gift from God just for you. Frankly, I’ve never met anyone as creative as you (awww I did smile widely reading this part, haha). You always come up with fresh ideas, unique ideas, no matter it’s just a tiny unimportant thing or a serious thing like Smak1cup. Not everyone got this talent you have. I think your imaginations are just way out of the ordinary, this talent of yours makes you one in the billion…..

…..last December you did say this 2008 OSIS is like a family, no wall between the eleventh graders and the twelve graders. We’re just like a family, no judging, nothing called senior and junior. Honestly, every time you said that, I felt more and more proud being a part in OSIS. Listening that statement make me sure that I’ve succeed……

I won’t ever forget this night.


Anonymous said...

bagus....banget jaketnya tapi mahal banget ya...itu kan punya zara?
oh gogirl sudah keluar ya?
tapi kok masih belum edar di SBY

febrina utami putri said...

iya zara TRF, tp itu lbh murah dr yg laennya loh. cuma 800rb, yg laennya kan bs mpe 1.6jt, ga mw duh klo mpe semahal itu, ga worth it. iya ud ada kq. ga gt bgs nh baju2nya yg edisi ini. g ngerasa lama2 kq makin ga bgs dh dy mix and matchnya, cm bulan lalu aj yg bgs. iy ga c??

zaza said...

aduhhh,, jete so sweet amat yahh =d,, hahaha..
gw nyoba comment dlu vb,, bisa kaga.. =d

febrina utami putri said...

hahah bisa kan ja akhirnya, hoho