Thursday, March 5, 2009

My plan for this next long weekend, yey!!

Finally a day off from all the school thingy. Next week will be no try out, hoorayy!! I’m fully booked for the weekend, LOL. Friday after school, we’re all going to this seafood place at Muara Karang. Oh ya, I have 2 arisan groups now, haha. One with the ladies and the new one is opened for anyone.

The ladies arisan is scheduled once a month, with restricted dress code. We prefer fine dining and each of us is allowed to bring plus one.

The open arisan is much more casual. There’s no dress code, for sure, and we really do eat like crazy. Maybe I should call this group, The Barbarian, haha.

Here's a picture of our first barbarian lunch, haha.

Actually I have this OSIS farewell at Puncak this Saturday, but I still haven’t decided whether I want to go or not. I just think hanging out with my girlfriends would be more fun, since we’re all graduating in a few month from now. It’s just feel like the best way to close our last year in high school is by spending time as much as you can with your friend. We’re soon to be apart, right?

A friend of mine, named Natasza ( we just call her Jaja, haha, her name is way too cool with the letter S and Z all together), is spending a week in Jakarta, yey!! She’s studying in Malaysia now, we do miss her a lot. We’re going to arrange a special arisan for her at Taipan. Dimsum with girlfriends, hmm, it may feel a little weird, haha. The dress code will be “Heels and Bow”, a request from Jaja. Too girly for me, I think. but bow and heels could be anything, right? I could still be a rock star with big bow, haha, LOL.

But, help, I’m soon to be broke!!!

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