Thursday, February 19, 2009

random pic that i like

captured by jessica, i always love accesorizing

after dinner @ Social House

i'm a bridezilla

topshop, grand, indonesia : jessica, me, evelyn

one rainy afternoon @ paris van java . lucky me, i was wearing blazer to cover me up

me and my 13-years-old sister

@ Dufan

this is Taiwan, i would love to go to Taiwan once more

megawati, me.

lace thigh, loving it

this pic above is Evelyn Lityo, one of my fab friends, captured by me

this pic was taken in Puncak, captured by my cool sister


Cat's Meow said...

lmao, "bridezilla".XD I love your pictures and you are absolutely adorable. I've just started my own blog as well. It's hard getting into the scene. -sigh-


febrinautamiputri said...

hei hei, thanks. the pics quality is not the best, i'm planning on buying a new camera, but oh no, it means i have to save some money, i really can't, LOL. yeah, your comment is the first one i got, i'm so excited, hahaha