Thursday, February 19, 2009

feel like to escape

I would say today’s not really my favorite day. First of all, I got bad score for math and physics try-out. I know it sounded like I’m a super- freaking-crazy-girl-who-care-about-score-too-much-and -she-should-get-a-life, but I’ve been really lazy and distracted lately. I think I shouldn’t underestimate this try out, because it actually helps me prepare for the UAN. The next tryout is next week and I promise I will study hard and get the maximum score, LOL. I only know one thing, I MUST STOP FB-ING FOR A WHILE during the next try out!!!

And guess what, my ex got to stay at hospital because of some unknown virus’s attacking his antibody. Last year, he got bloody fever also in February and had to stay in hospital. Obviously, February is a bad luck for him. Since Nanyang Technological University test is being held this Saturday and everybody’s busy preparing for the test, sooo no one is willing to visit him today. It would be weird if I come visit him alone, so here I am confessing to my labtop, decided not to visit him tonight. I’ll just visit after church on Sunday then. Get well soon my dear friend.

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