Friday, December 21, 2012


The last few days I've been struggling to submit my thesis on time and I did it! My thesis is finally done and there will be no more whining about it anymore. Yayness! To top that happiness, I'm going to Taiwan today with my whole big family including my grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins.

Taiwan means so much to my parents life and love history. They took their education there and eventually met there. So their love have grown ever since. My dad, who is really smart and diligent, took his Electrical Engineering degree in National Taiwan University, one of the top universities in Asia. He even got full scholarship there and didn't have to pay for anything. So yeah, he's one of the smartest guy I know :)

As for me, I've been there in my twelfth grade for a study tour and it was a great memory of mine. I've been wanting to go there again ever since. The food was delicious, the fashion stuffs was also great and cheap. So what more can I say?

Another advantage of this trip is I also get to practice my Mandarin, which is really getting rusty these days. You see, my parents are fluent in Mandarin, so since I was a kid I've been dealing with a bunch of conversations in Mandarin. I can handle speaking quite fluently but when it comes to reading and writing, I'm a total dumbass :(

As you're reading this post, I'm probably sitting on a  6 hours flight and hopefully I'll be safe and sound arrived in Taiwan. I've scheduled some post to fill this blog while I'm away, so please do come and visit it. Happy holiday gorgeous people!

Bangkok dress / Hongkong polkadot tights / Charles&Keith wedges / my litle sister's mini quilted bag



Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

tapi kalau udah tumbuh lagi pasti dicat lagi :|
asik banget holiday ke taiwan *o*
have fun ya Feb ^^


So pretty!
Love your dress

Caroline Susanto said...

lovely look Febrina ^^ btw, congratz on finishing your thesis. Happy holiday! :)


Puput said...

pretty dress....and I want that tights :p
enjoy your holidays! how I wish I could visit Taiwan

Benefit's said...

How cute dress :)

Bernadette Czle said...

Such a lovely dress!

Jessica said...

congrats on being done! have a blast in Taiwan!!


Jnny Edwr said...

charming :)


Chyrel Gomez said...

You look lovely in your dress! Have a safe flight!

Brenda evans said...

love those shoes <3


Helena Natanael said...

you look pretty as always ci! :D what I love the most about your photos, beside your outfits, is your smile. I think you have such a sincere smile and that gives some "sparkle" in your eyes too! :D

happy holidays, merry christmas and happy new year ci!

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Fabrizia said...

So cute, nice dress and adorable bag!
Come back soon to visit my fashion blog!
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Eka Patriargadani said...

happy holiday ! :)

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Aludee Andrade said...

thanks for your comments on my blog. I am your new follower by the way, i like you blog posts as well. :)

<3 greetings from Belgium

Peet said...

You look so lovely! And congrats on your thesis!! Hope you have lots of fun on you family trip.;)

B-e-a-utiful said...

i love this look :)

anasgch said...

Is that your room? so clean and pretty~ love the teddy bear on your bed..:D hehe..

and happy holiday for you and your fam..have a wonderful time there sweetie..:D

love your dress and smile btw~ :D


Cynthia Bk said...

have fun and hope you learn great things there!
taiwan is indeed so much fun! wish i could visit there again sometime.

Putri Valentina said...

U are so cute in here :D
so girly , great :)

Mili R said...

congrats on finishing your thesis! have a safe & fun trip :) your dress is so cute!

xx mili

Liora said...

Have fun!
I love your dress :)


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Such a cute dress! Hope you had a great vacay xx

Sparkling Blossom said...

Congrats for your thesis ci :)
And love the cute mini bag so much! Btw maybe it's too late but i want to say "safe flight and have a nice holiday" :)

Anna Brain said...

Oh wow! You are sooo beautiful, pretty lady!! Chic! :)

Well... said...

Ah, sounds like you're doing some traveling of your own! Have fun :)
And congrats on finishing that thesis.
Love this pretty floral dress you're rocking!

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Adeayu said...

Have a safe flight kak! Can't wait for your post about your holiday.
Congrats for your thesis ;) and the dress is so awesome!

visit my little cream button♥

Claudia Phankova said...

Enjoy your holiday, sweetie! ;)

Alviana Kalin said...

feb have a fun holiday in taiwan! should visit SH next time ;)


dunia kecil indi said...

aww, hebat kamu bisa dealing sama bhs. mandarin. aku sih udah kabur dipertemuan ke 2, hihihi. you look so pretty, love your outfit. cocok banget sama teddy yg lagi duduk di kasur, hihihi. have a nice holiday :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

yayyy have a great holiday!


Tamara Emilia said...

preety and cute <3
happy holiday dear :)

Kathy Noto said...

gorgeous dress Febrina! And I'm so happy you are finally over thesis! yay! Have fun on your trip. You deserve it!:)


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty dress! Enjoy your trip.


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog and outfit doll! THe dress is adorable!

New post at my blog:

Veren Lee said...

happy holidayyy! I really love your dress here <3

Paulina said...

Cute bag and dress <3

Kei said...

Congratulations for finishing your thesis!! wow I'll be doing that in 5 years too! Can't wait. haha

oh I completely understand how you feel towards writing and reading Mandarin. I have the same issue with Japanese. I can speak it fine, but I definitely cannot write it. It's too bad since it probably would come in handy :/

Hope you have a safe trip to Taiwan!! Buy lots of cute things and I can't wait to see everything you buy!! :) :)

oh ps. thanks for helping me decide on my outfit from my last post. :) I appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Your dress looks great! I'm so jealous, I'd love to go to Taiwan, my sister went there last year and said the food was amazing! I know what you mean about mandarin, I wish I could brush up on my skills too, except I only speak cantonese with my family haha.

Marissa D said...

this is such a cute dress <3 <3 have fun at Taiwan!

Sofie said...

have fun in Taiwan! you look adorable, the dress is extremely cute! ♥

plagiart™ said...

greats loking style..|Plagiart|