Sunday, October 28, 2012


The fourth of May 2010, that was the last entry on this blog. For almost 3 years i decided to leave the blogging world, abandoned this blog, and focused on my study. I miss blogging sometimes, mostly because of my sister, Nathalie. I manage to be her photographer and in return i ask her to post some of my photos too. Kinda feels great to see my photos are up on the blog again, though it's not mine. Another reason besides the narcissistic part of me is, i like to ramble about almost everything, and since i don't have any blog, i don't know where to babble it all. twitter really is not an option.

After a long battle with my own self, whether i have the time to run a blog right in my last 2 months in university (which means final thesis, skripsi as Indonesian calls it, is waiting to be submited), i finally give up and follow my guts to rerun this small blogging world of mine.

So much had happened in the past 2 years. I'd like to begin the story with the news of my body weight. I lost approximately 10 kilos, i don't really pay attention to the 'before' weight, but now i'm a 160cm/47kg girl. If you ask me how did i do that, i honestly don't know. Seriously. i do not do diet or exercise, i eat everything i want. But i think i know the reason, and it may sound cheesy (it is cheesy, really, i know).


I met someone. No, met is not the right word to say. He's my friend in university. I didn't really pay attention to him at first, the only thing i know was he's the class clown and he makes me laugh everyday. As time flew away, many things encountered with him, i found out he's more than just hilarious. The feeling had grown without me being notified. 


We've been dating for almost 2 years now, and he makes me laugh everyday and thank him for that. Hopefully i will live another decade because of all the happy feeling he makes me feel, lol. You may think the expression of 'finishing each other's sentences' is only happened in films, and it;s all a lie in real world, but he does that. He knows what i'm thinking or what i'm feeling without me telling him, even when we argue.


I assume my weight loss happened because i feel happy, i feel accepted for the way i am, so i begin to love myself back. The next thing i knew, the weight's dropping on its own.

I dyed my hair to brown last year, and i can't stop myself from trying every colour possible.


After brown i dyed it to red brown, the colour is so beautiful at first, but after a week, the red tint began to fade, leaving my hair back to brown. So a month later i dyed it to red, i mean red red like Rihanna's red. 


It was so fun experiencing the fire on my head, but people stared, i got uncomfortable sometimes. As it faded to orange-y red, i fell deeply in love with my hair.


But sadly, i had to face a super scary test which the score really is subjective. I was not dare to pass the test with my burning colour hair as it would cloud the judge's scores. So i had to dye it back to black. Surprisingly it turned out great, i looked calm and young. I loved it too.


 My current hair colour is dark brown, because the colour faded, againnnnn. I'm thinking of recolouring my hair, but i can't decide which colour should i try this time. is it brunette, back to the fire red, or be calm and young with black? or should i just take a break from playing out with it and let my hair rest for a while? 

Here we are in the end of my first entry after a long hiatus. It's really nice to see all of you again. I'd like to hear from you too, so just comment away!



Waaah kakaknya Natalie! Youre just so pretty kak, as pretty as your lil sister.
Welcome back anyway :)

putri soe said...

i can't express how happy i am seeing you blogging again, with THIS KIND OF POST. i never really like fairytales--unless if it's true.
this is a really inspiring story, and i'm waiting to see your upcoming posts! (:

putri soe

Anonymous said...

febbb gilaa kangen bgt sama lu! seneng bgt finally km pilih buat blogging lagi, aku jg sama lagi skripsi nih :) good luck buat kamu ya.
and selamat juga skrg yang pacaran hihii terakhir kita sama sama curhat" krn jomblo for long time lol.
i love your hair mau di apain juga you tetep pretty kece always..

once again welcome back baby!! waiting to see your next post xx :*

Bella Francisca said...

finally you're back! <3<3 I miss Red Pump Shoes so much :D anw, you both looks so sweet and happy, langgeng2 yahhh (: ps. goodluck for the thesis!

Missing Bee

Tiffany Ticonuwu said...

welcome back in blogging world :) miss Red Pump Shoes and happy seeing you back blogging again. Anyway, you look pretty :)

Novarinna Tan said...

Welcome back to blogger world dear.. you look so pretty and you look so sweet with your bf.. :)

Cindy Karmoko said...

OMG finallyyyyy welcome back to this virtual world feb we miss youuuu!!!

Clara Cheng said...

Glad that you came back for blogging again :) And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. You and your boyfriend look cute together <3 I would like to follow each other and hence, I'm following you now!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Febrina!

Soumya Jadhav-korade

Anet said...

sooo stylish! chic :)

Pria Kabut said...

Seorang blogger terkenal kembali.

Penggemarnya kebanyakan wanita ya :)

Fashion blog yang bagus

Well... said...

Okay, so I did not realize that you just re-joined the blogosphere, (I'm a new reader now hehe), but welcome back! :) I love reading your writing and I'm so happy life has gone amazingly for you. Awww, you and your boyfriend are SO cute! ;)
And you're so lucky, you can pull off different shades of color so beautifully!

Trendy Teal

Well... said...

Had to reply to your last comment hun. Yeah, I'm sorry that most readers don't actually "read" the post. It happens a lot :/
But hey, I like your writing style so I'll read it! ;) Haha

AnnTan said...

sooo beautiful, i wonder who took all your photos?