Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hello people, I'm still alive and my blog is not dead too, lol. There's no major change in my life except I'm trying to live healthier with healthy food and exercise. I've been taking up yoga and pilates classes this last 2 months, I feel stronger and I can see my body tightens and getting leaner everyday. For you who haven't tried it out yet, you should give it a try sometimes. It's fun and nothing like the usual boring cardio :) I'm personally not a fan of exercise, but the first time I tried joining up the classes, I fell in love with it instantly.

Since this is a fashion blog, I'm kinda obligated to do an outfit post, I suppose. So these are some unpublished photos of my almost-last-day in Taiwan last winter. It's the end of summer already and I just got the chance to post the photos here. Call it a super late post!
Everything I wore are from Taiwan except for the jeans, they're from Pull and Bear.


For those who are following my instagram account must know that I cut my hair short. At first I just felt so bored with long hair, I had been a long haired girl for about 2 years and until 3 weeks ago I decided, "that's it! This hair is way too long and I need to make a change". I cut it myself just above the chest at first, and I'd been asking myself if I was brave enough to cut it shorter. I finally got the courage to make an appointment with my hairstylist and told him to chop it off. And voila, I love my new fresh haircut! Every people I met said I look better with short hair, including my bf too. Now, who says boys think long hair is prettier? :)

Long hair :
Medium hair :

Short hair :

Which one's better?