Sunday, May 5, 2013


I dyed my hair back to red last Friday. As much as I really love this color, I just think maybe enough of red, next time I'll dye it dark, something like mahogany or brunette. Not that I'm bored, I will never get bored of this color, but as I'm getting older apparently toning down a bit is appropriate. As for this moment, I do sometimes think I look a bit like a mermaid, like Ariel to be precise, lol.

Lately, I got a lot of questions regarding my hair, what products do i use to keep it healthy and smooth, do i get special treatments, etc. Honestly, I'm quite lazy when it comes to beauty stuffs, so no special treatments, serum, or whatsoever for my hair. I wash my hair everyday with Mustika Ratu Hibiscus Leaf Shampoo for my oily scalp, then Dove Intense Care Conditioner to make it smooth and easy to comb. As I blow dry my hair everyday, I use Renee Furterer anti frizz cream before heating up my hair. And one more thing, everytime my hair go through some unnatural chemical process such as coloring, I always use Kerastase vitamin serum before and after the coloring process. My colorist said it helps to protect and shield hair's cuticle.

Enough of blabbering about my hair, yesterday held a blogger gathering at Hongkong Cafe Central Park Mall, and this is what I wore to the occation. Too lazy to bring my bulky camera down with me, so no blog-worthy-photos of the gathering from me :(

Mango jeans biker jacket / Zara long tee and belt / Boots I bought in Taiwan / Balenciaga bag