Friday, March 29, 2013


This is a quick post of what I'm wearing today for a date with my family + my boyfriend. The blazer is my one-of-so-many-favorites of CottoncandyID new arrivals. I just love the tradional batik ikat prints, and not to mention the cutting fits me very well. Oopss, maybe because I'm the one who design it, lol.

A lot of interesting things have happened lately, all i could say is life has been treating me well these days :) I hope you guys have a great weekend too!

CottoncandyID blazer / Cotton On basic long tank / F21 necklace / local store headband / boots i bought in Taiwan / Balenciaga bag


Saturday, March 23, 2013


Another gorgeous dress from and I really am in love! I think I need to start picking mid length dresses instead of this floor length dress since I don't have too many occasions where I could wear this kind of outfit, but I really can't help myself! I mean, just look at the jeweled details on the chest, the soft elegant color, and the feminine tail of the dress, how could I not fall in love with it! Here is a quick link to this super pretty dress, click here :)


Monday, March 18, 2013


Hello dear readers, I will not talk much in this post and this is just a quick outfit post I made before my crazy busy week starts off. Yesterday I got an email confirming my brand, CottoncandyID is officially one of the PopUp Market's tenants, a fashion event which will be held at Grand Indonesia Mall on 19-21 April 2013. So to sum it up, I will need to work extra preparing for my booth and collection at the event. Wish me tons of luck!

Anyway, these are some photos of my winter outfit I took during my Taiwan trip last year, enjoy :)

Outer, panda sunglasses and boots I bought in Taiwan / Zara belt / Forever21 necklace / local store latex legging/ Gucci tote bag


Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello, readers. How was your week? I'm sure you're all thanking God today is Friday :) I'm in the mood of playing dress up this morning, so I took some photos of the outfit I pulled off this morning. Since I heard Bruno Mars is coming to Jakarta next month, ( and I'm definitely going! I missed his first concert in 2011 due to some end tests I was facing back then ) I decided to post something perfect for the event. You will need to wear something comfortable but not too casual because there will be a bunch of fashionable girls there, you would not want to appear underdressed, would you? And another thing, do not use some bulky bags or killer heels. Just bring your essential stuffs with you in a sling bag you can wear across your body, so it will move along with you whenever you're dancing or jumping. Always beware of pickpockets though. Wear your most comfy shoes, anything will do as long it is not hurting your feet as you'll be standing for hours.

I just simply can't wait for Bruno Mars to come!

CottoncandyID crop top / Zara skirt / red sling bag and boots i bought in Taiwan / local store necklace


Saturday, March 9, 2013


Waking up today and I was thinking to myself, what day is this and is there something i need to take care of. After a moment struggling to gather my souls and actually woke up from the bed, I knew this is Sunday with nothing urgent to be taken care of, so it means a total leisure day for me! Sleeping until noon, having my favorite homemade brunch right after I woke up, wearing my comfy pajama all day long, no need to wash my hair or even bother to take a bath. I'm currently lying on my bed with laptop on my lap now as we speak. Gonna watch my newly bought DVDs after publishing this post. Hope you guys have a great Sunday too :)

COTTONCANDY blazer / Cotton On tank / Bershka jeans / spiked boots I bought in Taiwan / Forever21 necklace / Balenciaga bag


Monday, March 4, 2013


Hello Readers, have you watched that movie titled Warm Bodies? It is a really great movie, you should really watch it if you haven't, well at least in my opinion. I tricked my bf into watching this movie, I said it is about zombie, which is kinda true except I didn't warn him about the genre of the movie. He thought it was like resident evil kind of movie. So there he was, sleepy and bored to death almost the whole film. But not me. I was captivated by Nicholas Hoult who played the lover-zombie in the movie.

I watched this film 2 times, and I still want to but the dvd once they're out. Another great movie played by Nicholas Hoult is Jack the Giant Slayer, which is also playing now on cinemas.

I don't usually obsesse about actors, and mostly my favorites are actresses, such as Meg Ryan (oh I love her so much!) and Anne Hattaway. It's always the female character who attracts me more. The first actor ever who made me stalk him and watched every video on Youtube about him is, Andrew Garfield. And the second is, Nicholas Hoult. Among those millions of movies I've ever watched, only these two actors who could make feel head over heels for them, I guess. The silver lining is, they both are tall, funny and awkward. They remind me of my bf.  I just don't know what's that between me and tall awkward guys. If most of girls like their bf to be muscular, or cool, or hot, I like my guy to be quite nerdy and awkward. I know, strange taste isn't it? But I just can't help it. Maybe that's why I fell for V, he's not really nerdy but he's awkward alright. This awkwardness really is one of his charms for me, beside of his (dubious) sense of humor :)

I'm sorry if you don't get what I'm rambling about. I just feel like writing down my thoughts. So I'll just end this non-sense and watch another video of Nicholas Hoult on youtube then.

Anyway, these are my photos wearing Cottoncandy's new items, which are some of my favorite pieces of the March Collection. Enjoy!

 COTTONCANDY top / COTTONCANDY blazer / local store jeans / shoes bought in Taiwan / Prada saffiano