Friday, February 27, 2009

marley and me is so damn good

Yey it’s weekend already and it means a me-time for this exhausted lady over here. I’m glad I survived this week of chaos. But still it’s a long way to go, too long maybe, LOL. 6 tryouts are done, 12 more to go. Arrrghh, I wish I could just fast forward this chaotic time and stop right before the prom, haha.

For me, there’s no better way to enjoy your weekend except hanging out with friends or family. So last night I went out for dinner and watch Marley and Me.
This is what I wore :

As soon as I got home, I opened my closet and instantly I feel the urge to play dress up (as always^^). I guess I’m a total freak. Oh I don’t care, if it’s so, feel free to join ladies, tonight is the freak show. Yeahh, come to mommy baby

Thursday, February 26, 2009

i wish i live in USA

Even though I’m not a fan of earrings, but still, i think this Vilay Vintage Dangle Earring from Forever21( is goddamn gorgeous. I would like to have one^^.

a year older but none wiser

I’m sorry if my blog bored you, I know there’s no photo uploaded recently . It’s just I’ve been so busy with the entire try out and yearbook things lately. Since I happened to be the head of committee, it’s hard for me to prioritize which one should be done first. I’ve always been having some troubles dealing with schedule and deadline. Oh what a loser I am. I couldn’t help but wonder, maybe they’ve chosen the wrong person. Why don’t they ever consider about me being disorganized. Let’s not even talk about my shitty scores these days. Arrgghh.
Like they said, a year older but none wiser.
Gee, it’s definitely true.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

feeling lovee

I've made up my mind,
Don't need to think it over,
If I'm wrong I am right,
Don't need to look no further,
This ain't lust, I know this is love

p.s: buat si kebo^^

Monday, February 23, 2009

can't find the words

"You don't fold, you don't fade

You've got everything you need,

especially me" (jason mraz - butterfly)


"If you are chilly, here take my sweater.

Your head is aching, I'll make it better. "
(Ingrid michaelson – the way I am)


p.s: for someone special out there

Sunday, February 22, 2009

a woman right to shoes

Sunday obviously is the day for God and family, so after church my family and I went to Taman Anggrek Mall for lunch. I ate too much I feel i'm going to explode, LOL. say bye bye to visit-my-ex-at-the-hospital plan then. hopefully i could pay a visit tomorrow after school.

this is what i wear today : my super cool new ankle boots !! i love it, muah muah

top - giordano ladies / pants - giordano / bag - custom made / shoes - custom made / necklace - forever21 / watch - dad's vintage

Saturday, February 21, 2009

i loveeee being single

this is what i wear to Samarra

top - forever 21 / pants - dad's (modified) / bag - charles n keith / belt - aigner /watch - guess / necklace - onlineshop / shoes - unbranded

some other photos

the night at samarra was amazing, the place is so unique but a little bit creepy. we girls really did have some fun today. there was a belly dancer entertaining us and for the dessert, apple mint shisha is perfect

shoes is my baby

From all fashion apparel have ever created, my all-time-favorite is shoes. Definitely shoes. I keep all my shoes clean, shiny and organized at the corner of my room. I even stick some labels on each shoe box, to recognize it quickly without bother to look inside the box. I love unique and one -of-a- kind thing, especially shoes. It doesn’t have to expensive or anything, but it must be unique.

I could order more than 2 shoes every month at an online shop called KBOX STORE ( I prefer custom made rather than the ready one.

And woohoooo, yesterday my shoes finally have arrived. This is the pic of my new cool shoes:

my favorite shoes of the month


woohoo it's finally saturday and it means time to rock Jakarta baby, LOL. we just got home from shopping, actually Evelyn was the only one who did the shopping, she bought 3 pairs of shoes, 1 from NineWest, 2 from Zara, plus 1 NineWest bag. oh i envy her. i'm now posting from Evelyn's laptop, i left my laptop at home, too bad i can't post the photos of my new arrival shoes i purchased at an online shop now. tomorrow, i promise.

yey time to get ready for the night, i'll post the detail tomorrow. XOXO

Thursday, February 19, 2009

dresscode : etnic print

trying on something "printed", i don't know what to wear this saturday, oh no fashion emergency. i couldn't wear my super comfy shirt, right?

feel like to escape

I would say today’s not really my favorite day. First of all, I got bad score for math and physics try-out. I know it sounded like I’m a super- freaking-crazy-girl-who-care-about-score-too-much-and -she-should-get-a-life, but I’ve been really lazy and distracted lately. I think I shouldn’t underestimate this try out, because it actually helps me prepare for the UAN. The next tryout is next week and I promise I will study hard and get the maximum score, LOL. I only know one thing, I MUST STOP FB-ING FOR A WHILE during the next try out!!!

And guess what, my ex got to stay at hospital because of some unknown virus’s attacking his antibody. Last year, he got bloody fever also in February and had to stay in hospital. Obviously, February is a bad luck for him. Since Nanyang Technological University test is being held this Saturday and everybody’s busy preparing for the test, sooo no one is willing to visit him today. It would be weird if I come visit him alone, so here I am confessing to my labtop, decided not to visit him tonight. I’ll just visit after church on Sunday then. Get well soon my dear friend.

random pic that i like

captured by jessica, i always love accesorizing

after dinner @ Social House

i'm a bridezilla

topshop, grand, indonesia : jessica, me, evelyn

one rainy afternoon @ paris van java . lucky me, i was wearing blazer to cover me up

me and my 13-years-old sister

@ Dufan

this is Taiwan, i would love to go to Taiwan once more

megawati, me.

lace thigh, loving it

this pic above is Evelyn Lityo, one of my fab friends, captured by me

this pic was taken in Puncak, captured by my cool sister

Us girls we just wanna have fun

I have this small group of goddamn fabulous girls which has special agenda for every month. We usually go to somewhere nice, get dressed according to dresscode, gossiping and have one all night. It is just like the adult’s ARISAN thing.

I can’t help thinking about this month agenda. this Saturday we are supposedly go to Maroush but too bad it’s close for public, so we’re all going to Samarra instead. The dresscode would be ETNIC PRINT so we could dramatize the Middle East atmosphere.

at Segarra, celebrating my 18th bday
dc : be bold in stripes

social house

bunga rampai, menteng.
dc: casual white

oh oh i couldn't wait, cheers girls